How The Masters Founded A Leading Translation Company From Dubai

Founded in 2009 and located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Commanine is a leading translation and localization company and the brainchild of an avid linguist and a marketer.

Today, the company has earned its place amongst the top word engineers in the country, with translation services that span over 40 languages and a multitude of language experts and specialty masters working under our helm.

The story started with us, two friends, who after having run extensive online research to establish the needs of the linguistic market, noticed that translation was already a common notion and a highly-exercised service, but was rather much generalized and often verbatim. It needed to be more reflective of the culture of the target market, more accurately-written and better styled to deliver the right message to the right market. It resembled nothing like the silent translation we were hoping to see, with transcreation services nowhere to be found.

This left us vast room for improvement in the sector. It was the ideal opportunity for us to finally leave our footprints on the world of languages.

So, we decided to set up a small company with one aim in mind: to translate and create better content than what was offered out there, comprehensive and tailored to the different needs and demands of each individual client and field.

Because word-of-mouth is the oldest and possibly the most reliable marketing tool in the book, we saw our list of clients grow slowly but surely, introducing us to then-unchartered territory and allowing the company to flourish. Word-of-mouth expanded into comprehensive marketing strategies with a well-targeted clientele, and the development and mastering of new specialties and assets. With more experience came more knowledge, and with more knowledge came a higher level of credibility, a quality upon which we continue to pride ourselves.

Meet the Masters

Samer Mourched

Founder – Managing Director

Samer Mourched’s forte is Strategic Business Planning and Development.
He began his career in Investment Consulting, Banking and Finance after his BA in Management…

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Dina Hosn

Founder – Director

Dina established Commanine in 2009 with Samer, and joined the company as director in 2012. She set up the company’s offices in Egypt and ensured that the production department of the…

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“Supporting people personal development is an organization growth strategy. People build organizations.”
Samer Mourched • Founder - Managing Director
“Language is the soul of culture. Technology is the spirit of future. With both language and technology, we can encircle the world. “
Junaid Halabi • Partner – R&D Manager
“Quality is never an Accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”
Amr Zaki • Operation Manager
“Start with the possible, achieve the difficult, then nothing will be impossible. We are meant to overcome all challenges.”
Ezmeralda Hemedan • Quality Manager
“when you learn, teach, when you get, give.”
Siza Bedrossian • Marketing Manager

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