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Commanine has come to master financial content translation in all its different forms, whether it’s translation, transcreation or content writing.

The Business and Finance sector is listed a one of the most important benefactors of today’s multinational market exchange. As the physical and emotional barriers between nations tumble to the ground and allow for corporate bonds and alliances to form, financial institutions such as banking establishments, investment and retail outfits, and asset and wealth management companies find themselves pursuing multi-cultural extensions in order to answer to the promise of potential new markets.

Commanine has fully embraced this globalized version of the new world, with translation services that include annual reports translation, fact sheets and financial products translation, and cater to your every financial translation need. Each project will subsequently be assigned to a team of translators whose members will run the appropriate research to better find the required tone of voice of the enterprise, cross- checking every reference and adjustment with the company representatives.

In an effort to communicate your message to an international audience, our team of master translators will make use of every one of their assets, from a sharp attention to detail to an acute understanding of the particular stipulations of every project and the target audience, in order to present you with the most suitable content. That, combined with our comprehensive database of verified financial terminology, will only prove beneficial to the end result.

Translation of Annual Reports, Fact Sheets, Financial Products and Accounting Policies are few examples of the requests we manage on daily basis.

Compliance with Regulatory

As financial institutions advance into a new era of global markets, the business rulebook finds the number of its pages growing, with regulatory requirements increasing on a day to day basis. Our staff of expert financial translators enforce a regular and thorough follow-up on the regulation updates of major international financial authorities.

This continuous pursuit allows for the creation of purpose-driven content that resonates with the target audience and answers to every regulation in the book.

Data Security

In line with our company values and the highly sensitive nature of financial work, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure complete data security and client confidentiality. Our multi-layered online portal offers a secure data-transfer method, only aided by the elimination of internal email communication between our translators, linguists, and proof-readers.

Once your files have been submitted, our representatives will get in touch with you to follow up with your case until the translation process is completed to your utmost satisfaction.

In accordance with our vision, our team of experts provide translation for the following content

  • Compliance Reports and Training

  • Annual and Audit Reports

  • Financial Statement and Balance Sheets

  • Equity and bond research statements

  • Shareholder newsletters and Reports

  • Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)

  • Business Plan

  • Insurance Related Documents

  • Corporate Communications

  • Financial Research and Articles

  • Banking software


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