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Commanine’s large array of life science translation includes medical devices translation, pharmaceutical translation, medical marketing translation and healthcare translation.

In the wake of our generation’s historic medical revolution, the translation of medical journals and data has become of paramount importance.

At Commanine, we’ve committed ourselves to contribute to that gargantuan task, and have put our qualified staff’s skills to good use in an effort to provide clients with exhaustive life science translation services.

From medical equipment and product launching, to report publishing and data transmission, our agents will tackle content-specific medical documents with absolute care and a clinical attention to detail, befitting of the sensitive nature the content carries.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a rigorous work ethic based on a high accuracy standard that is aided by consistent terminology, high quality assistance, and the presence of our board of medical consultants.

Life Science content is treated with the utmost care in order to provide the highest accuracy standards

Consistent Terminology

One of the most important goals we look to accomplish through our translation services, and in medical content specifically, is to provide clients and readers with a reliable source of information, meticulous in detail and relevant in terminology. As such, we strive to achieve the highest level of consistency in the use of appropriate vocabulary and medical jargon, to deliver the message in the clearest way possible and ensure its accessibility to patients and healthcare workers alike.

High Quality Assistance by a Native Expert

Our assigned translators and editors carry extensive experience in both the medical and linguistic fields. It is through unmatched subject matter expertise that they orchestrate a smooth and highly-technical translation process. Furthermore, our team members have been trained to quickly perceive and absorb different styles and tones of voice, which in turn guarantees that long-term cooperation will prove seamlessly easy, with little to no lag time expected.

Native Medical Consultancy Team

In our time as medical translators, we’ve come to fully realize the impact that proper translation can have. As a result, we have assembled a group of pharmacists and doctors with special interest and focus on translation, a team of qualified masters who make up our consultancy board. The members that make up this panel work closely with our translators and clients, supervising the content and confirming the terminology’s veracity before the text is finalized.

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