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The team at Commanine handles multimedia content such as subtitling and transcription with only the utmost care and professionalism.

Visual communication has seen a steady increase in the past few decades, with a growing number of worldwide companies now offering content heavily reliant on multimedia. This is in huge part thanks to the lightning-speed development of new technology and intelligent devices that favor the audiovisual, and encourage consumers to do the same.

Through extended research, Commanine has developed sustainable plans and guide lines to excel in any area of the field of mixed media, and has trained its team of qualified professionals, that includes both multimedia experts as well as tested linguists, to create and translate purpose-driven content.

Suitable file formats include .M4A, .M4B, .M4V, .RA, .RM, .QT.XML, .QT.TXT, .QT.SMIL, .SMI, and .ASX.

Multimedia localization presents the opportunity to integrate text into the visual world, merging together sight, sound and mind to produce the best and most memorable result, for a fuller impact.

The process in itself can be a complex one, with a wide variety of tasks to be performed meticulously, as well as a number of resources to be monitored correctly in order to consolidate the finalized product. Knowledge and expertise in the latest software and hardware is naturally required, allowing our team to take on different kinds of projects, from e-Learning content and training, to corporate videos and online content, broadcasting and gaming.

Clients who require our aid can expect assistance in the following sectors


One of the most prominent manifestations of worldwide globalization and international exchange, subtitles are known as synchronized captions displayed at the bottom of any audiovisual material that translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative. This linguistic specialty remains one of the most cost effective ways of reaching audiences in other languages.

As with every interpretation service, translation subtitling requires a set of specific skills, complex in their nature and meticulous in their delivery. Commanine’s team of subtitling experts tap into their experience and skill to achieve the highest and most accurate translation, within the allotted word count. Their comprehensive training ensures that they work first and foremost to understand the material they are handling and its full context, study the nature and requirements of the environment they are presenting and the audience they are targeting, in order to adapt the most suitable subtitles to the work.

The next step after the translation is to fine-tune the content to meet the subtitling guidelines, minding important criteria such as reading speed, character limits, timing and positioning.


The simple but thorough process of transcription relies on the conversion of any audio recording into its written counterpart. Specialized transcribers are assigned to projects in their field and required to type out the spoken track word-for-word. The resulting text can then be translated to a different language, should the client wish for it.

This kind of project is performed in two straightforward steps. As a first task, an adept transcriber will convert the audio into a written version of itself, with the utmost precision. A linguist will then check the content for accuracy, placing any unclear words, phrases or typos between brackets for an ulterior verification by the client.

The most popular use of this service is on conducted interviews, with our specialists working to distinguish between the multitudes of speakers that can sometime partake in this kind of project, especially when business meetings and focus groups are involved. Our typists will find the most suitable way to identify each different speaker.


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