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Commanine’s efficient writing staff will handle all of your publishing content, from press releases and media coverage, to magazines and books among others.

In an age of diversity and global sharing, we are the lucky benefactors of publishing translations. Books, magazines, and media publications are now available to the masses in many different languages, ensuring no information is unreachable or secret anymore, and exposing the four corners of the world to the same amount of data, should they wish to have it.

An original work is the result of hours upon hours of effort and boundless energy. The key to any successful literary translation lies within the understanding of that. It is found, as well, in the basic acknowledgment of the message and tone of the work, and the successful transmission of those emotions into the translated product, so that the reader can experience the work as intended. The translation, however, should be mindful as ever of the cultural gaps and deficiencies, working into introducing a seamless adaptation of the work that is both true to the content and culturally aware.

Commanine’s team of linguistic masters thrive to create and offer content that delivers the original intent and sends the appropriate message across

Armed with that knowledge, Commanine has put together a team of language experts and literary masters that seek to flex their linguistic muscles and put their knowhow to good use to offer the most suitable translation to any work. Our methods are highly collaborative with literary representatives and establish detailed guide lines with our clients, allowing that particular interface to model the work and any translations that follow.

Our experts tackle the wider specter of the publications channel to provide assistance with everything from press releases and media coverage, to magazines and books, be they works of fiction or documentaries and essays.

Commanine’s vast publishing expertise covers several media in the field

Press releases and Media Coverage Translation

Reading an English newspaper differs greatly from reading a Spanish one, or a Turkish one, or even a Chinese one. Each language has specific characteristics it bases itself on to meet the expectations of its readership. As a result, cultural awareness is key, and simply translating a press release will not guarantee the same impact from one language to the other.

With mounting pressures in the form of deadlines and publishing restraints, editors are sometimes forced to settle for unconvincing content, eager to fill the needed space and meet the requirements on short notice.

At Commanine, our aim is to ensure such situations are avoided and only the best content makes it on to your publication. Our experienced team of translators double as reporters who have the tricks of the trade engrained in their fiber, in order to ensure that your translated copy is influential and on point, no matter the source and target languages.

Magazines Translation 

Setting a magazine apart from the rest in a crowded market needs an outstanding set of skills. Giving a translated or bilingual magazine that cutting edge is no less exceptional.

No matter the content and thematic nature of the publication, the success of a magazine depends greatly on its ability to keep a reader intrigued and engaged, with very little regard to the language in which it is written. Adding to this challenge is the need to mirror and blend the spirits and styles of multiple different writers covering a variety of subjects, in order to give the publication some much- needed uniformity.

When it comes to translating magazines, we consider ourselves a partner rather than a translator. We understand the needs of readers of various cultural backgrounds, and work accordingly to reflect the quality of a magazine and its writers, while ensuring each tight deadline is met.

Books Translation 

Translated books are a significant sign of success to any writer. They allow their work to reach millions of people all over the world, introducing their work to a new readership that would otherwise remain oblivious to their talent.

Successful book translation should reflect the same quality of the source material, at the core of which is the information presented, while keeping true to the spirit and style of the writer. The essence of the written material should be maintained, as it makes all the difference between a good book, and just any translated work.


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