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Content localization is what you are looking for when your content needs a special kind of adaptation to be in line with your target region or culture. And when your industry use certain terminologies, and words. When you care about converting your content to different language while maintaining its style, tone of voice and context rather than the direct meaning of the word.

Our highly qualified team members will not be only translating & proofing your content, but also transferring your content to be edited by a specialized subject matter expert who is specialized with your sector and industry.

Who needs content localization Service?

The introduction of a new product or idea into new potential markets is a meticulous and detailed process that requires a full analysis of the diverse audiences that make up the target market.

As a business with specific clients in mind, you often find yourself drafting content with distinct style and suitable terminology. This same spirit and content should be evident in any translations and interpretations of the content, a service mastered by Commanine’s diverse team of master linguists who have great knowledge in publishing, websites localization, finance, information technology and pharmaceuticals, among others.

How do we do content localization?

At Commanine, we understand that every work has a distinct character that needs to be present in every alternative adaption.

Our team of experts recognize that the presentation language is only the tip of the iceberg, with cultural conventions and subject-oriented criteria making up the core content. Even the smallest nuances in dialect can make a monumental difference to your content, something that we understand and treat with utmost care.

Upon receiving the content, a localization expert who has the necessary experience in your particular field will get in touch with you directly, in order to hash out every little detail regarding your project, working together to highlight the different requirements the assignment depends upon, in order to present you with the most suitable content.

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