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Commanine’s linguists are masters in website localization, translation and website copywriting, blending fast and accurate delivery with high quality practices in the industry.

One of today’s most influential marketing assets is the acquisition of a clear and comprehensive website, an online platform that can severely boost any business by establishing its presence online. Adding a multilingual dimension to your website will only strengthen your position, presenting you with the opportunity to expand into new markets and reach out to a new, foreign clientele.

It is in our understanding that one brand has one universal message, but consumers are not universally alike, that we distinguish ourselves. Consumers, after all, have only the product in common, but their buying motives, cultural heritage, and professional and personal experience can often vary greatly from market to market. It is essential to keep those different criteria in mind when adapting a website into a new language and introducing it onto a new market.

Herein lies Commanine’s role, as our localization and translation experts aim to give you the best possible version of your website in different languages.

It is also imperative to keep the identity of the brand intact, in order to maintain the company’s message and positioning across all platforms, regardless of the language. As such, the creation of a unique translation style guide is key, a set of rules upon which the project will depend to achieve uniformity in character and diversity in presentation.

The significant amount of effort and time we dedicate to our website localization service spawns from the emphasis we put on the importance of the website. It is, after all, a virtual representation of your most competent sales representative, a powerful marketing tool that both understands the consumer and reflects your image. When done correctly, website globalization will increase returns on your investment in solid and concrete numbers.

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